Sweet Walkable Treat

September 16th, 2008

For some people, a meal without dessert just isn’t a meal. And for others (apparently nursed on Karo syrup) a walk, a block, or a talk without eight small cookies is unbearable. Pacify them with one of the following quick sweet stops, which are sure to satisfy (at least for the moment.)

Bouchon Bakery
[10 Columbus Circle] [212.823.9366]

Oh the glorious, glorious “Nutter Butter.” It’s massive! It’s heavenly! And it’s apparently made with Skippy peanut butter (check out the recipe.) But yes, Thomas Kellar’s Time Warner Center bakery turns out some delightful treats. And the saucer-sized Nutter Butter is a perfect place to start.

Sugar Sweet Sunshine
[126 Rivington St.] [212.995.1960]

While the cupcakes are tempting (and justly so, they are delicious) once you have the banana pudding there is just no going back. So enjoy all the pistachio, pumpkin, and red velvet cupcakes you can before making the switch. There is just something so addictive about the combination of pudding, ‘nilla wafers, bananas, and cupcake parts that makes other treats seem less sweet.

Dessert Club (AKA: Chikalicious Puddin’)
[204 E. 10th St.] [212.475.0929]

Who doesn’t appreciate when fancy dessert gods tackle the common sweet? And while Chikalicious Dessert Bar has delightful mutli-course treats- it is their outpost across the street that churns out the perfect portable pick-me-up. Try the brioche bread pudding – it’s lovely.

Wafels & Dinges
[14th St. & 3rd Ave.] [646.257.2592]

Just try walking past this dessert truck without giving into the wafting scent of warm Belgian waffles. Choose your waffle and your “dinges” (strawberries, whipped cream, nutella, dulce de leche, maple syrup, and chocolate syrup) douse with powered sugar and enjoy. Additional locations include Midtown, Williamsburg, and Fort Greene.

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